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Energy carrier of the future 

Transforming our present energy system will lead to a higher quality of life, contribute to a low-carbon economy and avoid irreparable damage to our planet.


A future based on hydrogen

Through cooperation with similar mission-oriented entrepreneurs and developers, we directly invest in projects that work for positive environmental change. These relationships are intentionally long-lasting and allow the entrepreneurs to focus on developing projects. Over time, this leads to more projects that contribute to the wider goal of the energy transition.





LINK to our Project: Hy2gen AG

Investing in green returns

Inevstors and shareholder in Green Hydrogen

To make a meaningful contribution to clean energy transformation, hydrogen should be actively used in a range of industries, including transport, power generation and building to realise its potential. Thats why AIH, Alternative Investment Handeslgesellschaft Holding GmbH decided to kickoff investments in developing a green hydrogen economy already in 2016.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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